For Real: Alcohol That Tastes Like Water

Consumers love to drink alcohol that has a little flavor, but what about alcohol with no flavor?

That’s right. We’re talking about beer that tastes like water.

A Real Novelty

Created by the Mckenzie River Corporation, AIR (Alcohol Inspired Refresher), will be the first tasteless, colorless and odorless alcoholic drink to hit the shelves. Although, perhaps it’s not quite tasteless: the drink comes in mild berry and citrus flavors which seems contradictory with the “tasteless” marketing push.

Air is 4% ABV (slightly lower than most beers), contains only 95 calories, and will soon be available at stores in San Francisco, Las Vega, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle at $1.74 a can and $6.99 for 4 cans. 

In its slick silver can, this carbonated water/soda-malt-vodka hybrid is touted as the first of its kind and is considered the ideal drink for those who hate the taste of alcohol.

A Real Danger

Whether you think it’s beer gone wrong or water that has just been made more exciting, one thing’s certain: alcohol that doesn't taste like alcohol has a certain danger element that can’t be ignored. Making something that could be very dangerous taste like something not dangerous is just plain. . . dangerous.

After all, chugging this stuff will almost feel like not drinking at all. So what’s to stop you? Certainly not those around you, since they may never know what you’re actually drinking. Or even worse–maybe the carbonated water you’ve been offered isn’t carbonated water at all. But how are you supposed to know that before all the slurring and staggering kicks in? And whatever you do, don’t leave a glass of these sitting on the kitchen counter if you have kids.

My imagination may be a bit wild, but these are all situations that could very well happen. After all, alcohol was never a safe drug to begin with

So Bay Area residents, consider yourself warned that a considerably controversial drink will soon be in stores. Be aware, be smart, and most of all, be safe.

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