Drunk on Sandwiches

You can get drunk on a lot of things in this culture today: drunk on love, drunk on you, drunk on power . . . but drunk on sandwiches is a touch out of the ordinary.

It’s no figure of speech either, at least in New York City.

Sure enough, a Panini shop in New York City is infusing their sandwiches with alcohol—serving alcohol inside the sandwiches—effectively creating “the world’s first line of alcoholic sandwiches”, a fitting phrase coined by Oddity Central.

With items like prosciutto & beetroot with scotch and Surryano ham & rye whiskey on their menu, it seems like they also claim the world’s most bizarre menu. (Ham has suddenly taken on a new meaning, hasn’t  it?)

However, we’re not clear on how they put the alcohol inside the sandwich—dipped, doused, or dunked?—or how much alcohol is actually in the sandwiches.

In past articles we have mentioned getting drunk on hand sanitizer and desserts spiked with weed, and this is another example of people’s ingenuity as they find different ways to consume drugs.

But could this be a good idea?

Although we don’t the amount of alcohol in the sandwiches, it is unlikely that anyone could really get drunk on them. We do know that alcohol should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because food slows down the absorption of alcohol.

However, no matter how harmless these alcoholic sandwiches may seem, recovering alcoholics should not be too eager to grab an order. Completely abstinence is still important, whether you have been sober a week or 10 years. Even a small taste of alcohol could trigger relapse. And a sandwich, even if it’s the first of its kind, is not worth the risk of relapsing.

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