What About My Job and Reputation—How Much Will I Lose?

Sometimes, we’re fearful that admitting our dependency will interfere with our jobs, careers, relationships, and reputation.

While entering a rehabilitation center will cost you some level of money and time away from work and family, the advantages and support from making this decision often outweigh the hesitancies.

Consider for a moment, a somewhat-dependent-on-alcohol man, Joe. Joe has worked for years to limit his use of alcohol and sometimes he does pretty well by himself. On Thursdays, though, Joe and his buddies meet to play pool. Since none of his buddies know of Joe’s struggle, they always offer him drinks, and Joe often finds himself reverting to a level of dependency he doesn’t want.

How would the scenario be different, though, if Joe’s friends knew that he were just out of rehab? How many of them would offer him a drink? Or even drink around him? The same is true for close family and friends who love Joe. They desire to help their friend, not put him in dangerous situations that would cause him to relapse.

And your dependency problem might not be as secretive as you might think. At Duff’s Napa Valley rehabilitation, employers and spouses frequently contact the center seeking help for a friend or spouse who is about to be ruined.

Finally, if you’re currently experiencing some level of alcohol dependency, then you’re probably also experiencing some level of relationship struggles and even financial strain due to alcoholism.

Think of how your life will be different once it is gone:

  • Your children and spouse will gain a new level of respect for you.
  • You will be more focused, productive, and effective at work.
  • You will have more time to invest in hobbies, creating a new network of friends.
  • Your close family and friends will be able to graciously and consistently help the disease not to recur.
  • You will be able to put the money saved from not drinking towards house projects, education, hobbies, or retirement.
  • You will have the chance to live!

Perhaps the question really shouldn’t be “how much will I lose” if you choose to seek professional assistance for your alcohol dependency, but how much will you gain when you return to normal life, free of a dependency?