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San Francisco Leads the Nation in Protecting Youth from the Influence of Alcohol Advertising

May 8, 2014

Cities across the country derive considerable revenue from licensing public property to alcohol advertisers. This revenue, however, pales in comparison to the cost of providing services to combat public health issues relating to alcohol abuse. Recent studies have shown that the more children are exposed to alcohol advertising, the greater the risk that they will engage in underage drinking. Studies also prove that the earlier one starts drinking, the more likely they are to abuse. . .Read More →

Critics fight against Zohydro’s release in March

Feb 28, 2014

As America’s newest prescription painkiller Zohydro prepares to hit the markets in March, critics have embarked in one final effort to halt its release. Just earlier this week, more than 40 prominent health care, consumer and addiction treatment groups—including CASAColumbia, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Hazelden—signed a letter to the FDA to repeal Zohydro. "In the midst of a severe drug addiction epidemic fueled by overprescribing of opioids, the very. . .Read More →

Breaking News: New Hampshire legalizes Medical Marijuana

Jul 24, 2013

New Hampshire governmor Maggie Hassan signed a bill Tuesday making New Hampshire the 19th state and the last remaining state in New England to legalize medical marijuana. Qualified patients—such as patients with cancer or multiple sclerosis—are allowed to obtain up to two ounces of marijuana from state-sanctioned dispensaries, though they are not allowed to grow marijuana at home. Govern Hassan remarks that the state will provide “strong regulatory oversight and. . .Read More →

Why I Hated the 12 Steps

Jun 30, 2013

I Hated 12 Step. Yeah, I said it. I'm a recovering addict and I hated 12 Step. My first 12 Step Experience My first experience with 12 Step was when I was 19. I had put myself in the psych ward for hurting myself and while I was there, I was honest about my drug history, which landed me in chemical dependency classes and their version of a 12 Step program. I wasn't using at the time, so I. . .Read More →

Changing the Stigma About Addiction

Apr 2, 2013

Changing the Stigma About Addiction When I was a child, drugs and alcohol were presented as "good girls and boys don't drink or do drugs." If one simply behaved, one never had to deal with addiction. Poof. I did know a couple of 'functional alcoholics' as a child, but it wasn't until I was much older that I recognized—all in retrospect—what had been going on. Outside the simplistic and stern warnings, drug and alcohol. . .Read More →

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